Regulations and Guidelines

The 7th Competition- 2017 is held as part  of  the 7th  International Festival of modern art “ PERVORYBA” (Pristine (“First”)  Fish).

Theme of the competition

The competition “My First Fish” is devoted to the first acquaintance of a participant with the  environment, nature  and fish as its species  through a fairy tales, book illustrations, through a  TV screen, through aquarium glass or in the natural surroundings. It is about  his or her exposure to the world of fish, its habitat,  water space,  and his or her first impressions about it. It is possible to dream up a picture of the fictitious, fantasy world, which is connected with the theme of fish, marine  animals, and sea fairy characters.

Themes of competitive works of 2017:

  • «The fish and I» (complex composition)
  • «Water world fantasies»
  • «Memories about travels by sea
  • «Fantasy fish and fairy tales fish”
  • «Preserve the natural environment» (Poster).
  • «Still life» (related to the theme of water)

Goals of the competition

  • Expansion and improvement of international friendly relationships and exchange of cultural heritage;
  • Organization of creative communication and networking between the competition participants;
  • Enhanced awareness of social importance of  children’s artwork;
  • Encouraging love of homeland and  responsibility for its future through artwork, arts & crafts;
  • Provision of conditions which promote development of children’s creative abilities, attraction of young citizens to the artwork and prompting their creative potential to activity for the good of society.

Competition Tasks

Getting the competition participants to acknowledge contemporary trends and new directions in art;

  • Using modern materials as a means of expression

Organizers of the competition

  • Ministry of Irkutsk region culture and archives
  • Foreign trade division of  the municipal department of strategic development, city  of Irkutsk
  • Municipal office of culture of the committee for  social development policy and culture, city of Irkutsk
  • Non-commercial partnership “FranSib”
  • “SibArt” LLC
  • The Municipal Polevoy Family Humanitarian Library Center

 Competition is supported by:

  • Baikal-Eco Irkutsk Rotary Club
  • “Discovery Club” travel company
  • Gostiny Dvor “Bayar”
  • Siberian Baikal Tourism Association
  • «Baikal Gems» LLC
  • “Art Premier” LLC
  • “Angarsk “Art Center”

 Informational support:


Newspaper “Irkutsk seredina zemli” (Irkutsk is a center of the world)

Newspaper “Vostochno-Sibirskaya pravda” (East-Siberian Truth)

Newspaper “Komsomolskaya pravda” (Komsomol truth)

Newspaper “Baikalskie novosti” (Baikal news)

TV company “AIST”


Competition Categories:

  1. Painting (oil, acryl, gouache, mixed technique)
  2. Graphic art (watercolor, pastel, sanguine, pencil, Indian ink, ink, monotypy)
  3. Applique work  (cloth, paper, quilling )
  4. Batik (cold, hot)
  5. Woodwork, pyrography (wood engraving, carving, pyrogravure, fretwork,     birch bark crafts)
  6. Ceramics

Competition criteria:

  • Pupils and students at  any educational institution  may take part in the competition, irrespective of  direction and specifics of education in the  6 to 30 years age group.

There are four age groups: 6 to 9 years, 10 to13 years, 14 to18 years, 19 to 30 years

  1. The status of the institution (kindergarten, art school, art house, art studio, secondary school, specialized school) or an individual participant (at home training, private lessons, etc.);
  2. Nominations (painting, graphic arts, applique work, batik, woodwork, ceramics);
  3. The age of the participants.

The works selected  will be nominated for the top  three places and the “Consolation Prize”.

All participants receive certificates of participation in the  International Competition. Their mentors are awarded with letters of appreciation.

The diploma awardees for the first, second and third  places receive the degree I, degree II, and degree III diplomas. Recipients of  “consolation prize” awards receive the diplomas of  the  International children’s creativity  competition «My First Fish”. Their instructors  will be  awarded with  certificates of  recognition.

The above  certificates, diplomas, letters of appreciation and diplomas will be sent via email for self-downloading and printing out.

The winners will receive  the top degree  diplomas and  special  prizes


The competition will start on December 1, 2016. The deadline is April 1, 2017.  No works shall be considered after the deadline.  The discussion of  the results will be  wrapped-up   on May 20, 2017.

The  results  will be  announced and posted  on the “FranSib”  websites www.pervoryba.jimdo.com  and  http://fish-1.ru/pervoryba/ on  May 25, 2017.

The  winners’ works  will be displayed and  awarding  ceremony  will take  place on May 31, 2017  in the Polevoy Humanitarian Library Center  at 70 Universitetskii, Irkutsk 664082 at  4:00 p.m. For more information, contact Nadezhda Vysotskaya  at +7 (395) 231 0445.

Requirements for  the images of works:

  • Works (paintings, drawings,  graphic arts, applique work, batik, plane woodwork) should be photographed from the front. 3D  woodworks and ceramics  should be  photographed  from 3 perspectives: front, rear and side. The must  comply with the following specifications: 1.2-1.5 megabytes (2500 x 2000 pixels)
  • Photo file  must  indicate the  contestant’s name, age, school, city, teacher’s name to be  sent together with the application (see Appendix 1)
  • The best works will be printed and prepared  to participate in local, regional, national and international exhibitions.


Alexander I. FOFIN — Chairman of the Organizing Committee

e-mail: afofine@mail.ru

Skype: alexandre.fofine

Phone.: +7  983 443 6746

Phone/fax: +7 (3952) 248333

The  works selected  by the jury will be  displayed:

  1. At the municipal Polevoy Family Humanitarian Library Center on May 30, 2017 (works  of the winners)
  2. Art school of Irkutsk #5 (June 2017)
  3. At the municipal Polevoy Family Humanitarian Library in November 2017 (exhibits of  international  contestants)
  4. At Angarsk Art Center» (September 2017)
  5. At the municipal Rogal Exhibition Center (October 2017)
  6. In Haute-Savoie (France) (November — December 2017)
  7. Exhibition in South Korea (November-December 2017, to be negotiated)


  1. Works that do not comply with the requirements will not considered.
  2. The works submitted for the competition after the deadline will not  be considered.
  3. After sending the work files and applications, you will receive immediate confirmation by e-mail. Otherwise, please  contact us  at the above  e-mail.
  4. The competition is held by the nominations and categories of educational institutions in each age group separately. This also applies to the groups of children with disabilities.
  5. In case of   possible changes of the  dates, exhibition sites,  and time of awarding the winners, as well as the opening of the exhibition of works-winners will be announced later.
  6. Image of entries of participants may be used by the committee in a variety of children’s art exhibitions, including abroad, publications, charities, printable holiday cards, magnets, posters, etc. (With the name and age of the author). By participating in the competition the authors, their parents and teachers agree on the use of the works.

This use does not carry commercial gain, and promotes:

  • The aesthetic and artistic development of the individual;
  • Education of the moral and compassionate attitude towards others;
  • International understanding and expanding cultural exchanges;
  • Awareness of  the environmental problems of the world’s water space
  • The formation of respect for the environment. 

The jury’s decision is recognized as true and final, it is not subject to public debate and contestation. The contest results are not to be revised.

Download the Appendix for participation in Competition

Pay for participation im Competition

Alexander Fofin
Chairman of the Organizing Committee
7th International Competition of  Children’s Artwork “My First Fish” (2017)

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